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With 23 years of experience, we are trusted in the community.

Timely and Courteous

We are known for our professionalism as well as timely and courteous service.


About Us

We're mobile mechanics on wheels, we come to you for on site repairs.

Serving Houston and surrounding areas, we are fast, friendly, trained professional mechanics on duty.

On a hectic weekday, you are about to drive to work and then you realize your car is giving you trouble. We come across these kinds of situations in our daily lives. You do not have to fret as you have A OK Sal's Mobile Mechanic.

We are a reputed automobile repair company. We have a team of auto technicians who are fully trained in all aspects of car, SUV and small truck repairs. We have 23 years of experience and we are known for our professionalism as well as timely and courteous service. We offer exceptional repairs/rebuilt services and electrical repairs at competitive prices.

We will help you prolong the life span of your vehicle by providing services of top notch quality. We also perform minor work on automobiles of European models. We offer the following services and much more.



Pre-buy Vehicle Inspection
A/C Repairs
Oil Changes
Water Pumps
Ball Joints
Timing Belts
Flat Tires
Water Damage
Jump Starts
Fuel Pumps


Steering Column Repairs
Power Steering
Gear Box
Radiator Hoses
Wiper Motor
Front and Back End Suspension
CV Axles
Rack and Pinions
Serpentine Belts
V Belts
Air Pump
Master Slave Cylinder
Dome Lights
Computer Diagnostics
Electrical Shorts


Tail Lights
PCM Shorts
Cooling Fans
Alarm Shortages
Low Battery Testing
Jump Starts
Clean Battery Cables
Post or Replace
Checks for Electrical Drains
AC Repairs
AC Leaks
Coolant System
Check Cooling Fans
Fan clutch
Heater Core
AC Compressor


AC Line
Dryer Condensor
Evaporated Core
Orifice Tube
Extension Valve
AC recharge and recovery
Blower motor
Brake Services
Master Cylinder
Brake Boosters
Gear Box
Fuel Tanks
Break Lines
and much more